About Membership

Griffith City Cinemas offers membership to CineBowl providing an affordable option to the movies and bowling for everyone.


  • Cinebowl

    1 Year Membership

    $28.00 / per year


  • DISCOUNTED movie tickets all $10
  • Bowling games all $3 less
  • SPECIAL 10% off Park Central Cafe at Family Funland and Star Bowling
  • $7 Soft Play Admission
  • $8 Bouldering Admission
  • $10 Laser Tag and XD Dark Ride Games
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Membership Conditions

  • 1. To participate in the program individuals must have a valid email address.
  • 2. All advertised ticket prices are based on current single member prices for standard 2D sessions as of  March 31st 2022, and may vary between cinemas. Separate discounts may apply for 3D sessions, special events, festivals, premieres, Premium Lounge and Lounge sessions. Advertised prices do not include internet and phone booking fees (if applicable).
  • 3. Member prices and benefits can only be redeemed upon presentation of your membership card at the box office or by purchasing online with a valid membership Signup.
  • 4. Email newsletters are sent weekly with the latest movie news, special offers and more. In addition to the newsletters, membership is also required in order to enter competitions on our website.
  • 5. Membership cards are available at the box office for customers signing up and paying directly at the cinema. For all online purchases, bring in your confirmation email to receive your membership card. Membership cards are not transferable and are subject to photo ID. All membership cards remain the property of Cinemas.
  • 6. Cinemas reserves the right to revoke access privileges for all membership types should misconduct and / or abuse of membership privileges be found. Misconduct includes, but is not limited to; the resale of membership cards, membership benefits and discounts or movie tickets; the use of the card by persons not named on the membership; suspected excess usage of the card as a result of non-personal use; suspected purchase of excess DVDs, Blu-rays, Candy Bar and other discounted items as a result of non-personal use and / or commercial or private resale.
  • 7. All information is correct at time of print and is subject to change without notice.
  • 8. Cinebowl Membership join up will cover to March 31st of the following calendar year of the Cinebowl Membership program. All membership benefits will cease until your Cinebowl Membership card is renewed at the point of sale. Any Memberships Renewed or signed up between November 1st each year and March 31st will be valid until the following year. Any membership renewed or joined between  April 1st and October 31st will be due March 31st the following year.